Helps busy people refocus, reconnect and manage stress

The Press Pause app offers a new generation of business leaders and busy people a slice of sanity amidst the chaos. Reconnect and take charge from the driver’s seat.

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Why Press Pause?

Press Pause will help you relax and maintain a better state of mind

Proven Techniques

Overcome challenges so you can balance, focus, and invigorate your potential.

Possibility Bell

Set reminders to integrate Possibility Pauses easily into even the busiest day.

Possibility Pause in Action

Simple, powerful techniques that have changed 1000s of people’s lives and careers.

Stunning Natural Scenes

Experience nature’s relaxing environment to help you reconnect to your own natural essence.

Meditation & Visualisations

A guided practice to help release stress and anxiety, as well as increasing focus, energy and confidence.

Stress management expert and Press Pause Founder,
Suzanne Masefield has helped execs all over the world

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